In 2022, Russian companies faced difficulties when working with foreign partners, restricting imports and exports, disabling services, limiting financial transactions and retaining employees.

Changing market conditions and business conditions forced us to consider the option of relocation or international restructuring for safe business, logistics, retaining employees and gaining access to technology.

Business relocation also has advantages in the form of:

  • Entering new markets;
  • Attracting new customers;
  • Business extensions;
  • Taxes and expenses optimization;
  • Getting more comfortable conditions for doing business;
  • Establishing relationships with foreign partners;
  • Retaining employees and/or reducing payroll costs when hiring local workers;
  • Equipment upgrades

When studying the issue of relocation, there are risks when looking for a reliable consultant who has not only theoretical knowledge, but also practical experience in relocation to a certain country, and is simply not a scammer or a one-day firm that is trying to capitalize on the current situation.

TPG-Legal lawyers and consultants have established themselves in the market and have real experience in relocation and entering foreign markets, obtained long before 2022, as well as a time-tested structure of local lawyers and consultants.

When relocating a business, there are many legal, financial and migration issues. The TPG-Legal team will take care of both individual stages and the complete solution of all tasks for transferring business from Russia and entering a foreign market, as well as draw up all the necessary documents for the company and its employees.

The TPG-Legal team implements the following steps as part of supporting the transfer or expansion of business abroad:

  • Analysis of the possible consequences of the transfer and opening of new legal entities abroad, including tax and legal issues;
  • Choosing the optimal jurisdiction;
  • Analysis of tax consequences and opportunities for applying benefits;
  • Registration of a legal entity in the chosen jurisdiction;
  • Search for office space;
  • Opening bank accounts;
  • Migration issues for employees

The relocation service allows you to comprehensively solve legal, financial and tax issues, establish business processes and successfully adapt to a new place.