New requirements for energy efficiency will promote cost reduction of public utilities charges

New requirements for energy efficiency will promote cost reduction of public utilities charges

The Government of Russia has affirmed new mandatory requirements for energy efficiency of buildings and constructions that have been drafted by the Ministry of Energy. (The regulation of the Government of the Russian Federation № 275 of March 7, 2017)

The new requirements have been adopted according to the action plan (“roadmap timeline”) of energy efficiency improvement of buildings and constructions. (The Government Executive Order № 1853-р of September 1, 2016). The new rules require compulsive usage of energy-efficient technologies during the construction of new buildings and total building renovations in residential and non-residential premises. These rules are equally binding both for state-financed and private objects. These requirements state that the buildings of all types of structures and total buildings renovations (except of residential buildings) should be equipped with special devices that will provide automatic regulation of heat consumption of heating and air conditioning systems (depending on external temperature) and maintain the preinstalled temperature in hot-water supply system. Such requirements are deemed to improve energy efficiency in administrative, public and residential buildings (that are in the course of building or reconstruction). Furthermore, such requirements will also allow to reduce public utilities charges.

Anton Y. Inyutsyn, vice-Minister for Energy, mentioned that housing and utilities sector is the largest consumer of heat energy: more than 40% of produced heat energy is applied to heating. Herewith the heating index in Russia is much higher than in countries with similar climatic conditions. Considering the social significance of the new requirements the Ministry of Energy is going to control implementation of these requirements.

In this connection, it is recommended to carry out constant monitoring of changes in the field of energy efficiency, as well as to monitor the introduction of new requirements.

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